CV 1st XI Player Register and Career Stats

This section has been updated and expanded to include 1st XI Career Statistics for every player from 1889-90 until the end of the 2011-12 season.

CV 1st XI Player Register

A-C A-C (141.77 KB)

D-H D-H (170.65 KB)
I-M I-M (154.62 KB)

 N-R N-R (98.42 KB)

 S-Z S-Z (148.59 KB)

CV 1st XI Career Statistics

 A-C A-C (245.37 KB)

 D-H  D-H (278.08 KB) 

 I-M I-M (268.69 KB) 

 N-R N-R (157.73 KB)  

 S-Z S-Z (250.30 KB) 


Cricket Victoria's appreciation is extended to Mr Ken Williams on his outstanding work and for his permission to display the information for public access.

If anyone has any information to assist us in updating or correcting these records, please contact Peter Binns at Cricket Victoria.

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