Please Note - The teams displayed are as selected and notified by Premier Clubs prior to each Round. They will not include late changes and should be taken as a guide only. The team player lists for this coming round of Premier Cricket are as follows: 

Victorian Premier Cricket
Premier Finals Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 March 2013 (& Monday 1 April for 1st XIs only)

2nd XI: From S Parker (c), McNamara, G Parker, Lampard, McClean, Dwyer, Watkins, Mahon, Eldridge, J O’Connell, Richardson, Persson-Clark.
4th XI: From  Draycott (c), B Brown, McIntosh, Prior, Norbury, Mayadunne, Eastham, Fernando, Ponnampuruma, Jayasinghe, N Brown, Cannon, Potter.

1st XI: Kent (c), Begbie, Brown, Hill, Keath, B McDonald, Middlin, Quinn, P Smith, Thompson, Way, Paynter (12th).
3rd XI: Huddart (c), Daly, Elliott, Giese, Gillard, Janik, Larter, Pucovski, Swart, Tomkinson, Tucker, M Worrall.

4th XI: Ditchburn (c), Bansal, Barrett, Hesham, Humayon, Kiely, S Leggett, Nice, Sivakumaran, Tonkin, Vine, Weeks, Butler (13th).

2nd XI: Williamson(c), Alford, R Bricker, Cameron, Everett, Hutton, Long, Morrey, Nyary, Serry, M Singh, Townsend, Wild.

1st XI: Osborne (c), Allan, Ashton, Holland, Daniel King, David King, Loorham, Stray, Topp, B Walsh, N Walsh, Kellar (12th).

3rd XI: From Zayler(c), Cooper, Davies, Russell, Webb, Molan, Jared Maxwell, Bailey, Skurrie, Rayner, Gribben, Uthayakumar, Souter, LaBrooy, Munday, Meddings.

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