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Andrew Groves spoke to Uni skipper Jarrod Leggett about their two big games to come and going deep into March.............




Melbourne Uni’s destiny is in their own hands according to captain Jarrod Leggett who is still sniffing a finals place.

His men slipped out of the top eight on Saturday despite beating reigning Premiers Richmond after a solid first innings chase last week.

They made way for a resurgent Frankston Peninsula side which collected an excellent outright victory over North Melbourne.

Now with two vital games to go, Leggett has issued a call to arms.leggett_r13

“Frankston has come from absolutely nowhere,” he said.

“We’ve won two more games than them, but that’s the way it goes with the points system.

"Last season we finished second-bottom. If someone had said you’d be in with a chance of making finals with two games to go, we would have taken it.

“If we win the last two games then we will make finals. We are in a great position to do it.”

First up for the Students it is a trip to Casey South-Melbourne in five days' time. The Swans are riding the crest of a wave after Saturday’s thumping victory over Hawthorn-Monash University.

The Hawks were rolled for a 79 and 39 by Jake Best’s outfit over the course of the two-day battle.

Leggett knows they will be a tough nut to crack.

“Casey are in a similar position to us, you look at it and it is a cup final for both teams,” he continued.

“It is a big, big game. They come into it on the back of a huge win at the weekend.

“Our final game is against Essendon. They are struggling when you look at their position in the ladder but they are still are a good side with some dangerous players.

“But we know what we have to do.”stafford_uni_r16

Uni has pulled out some impressive results against the league’s top dogs when it has mattered this season.

Saturday’s latest victory over a strong Richmond side follows wins over Carlton and St Kilda earlier in the campaign.

A successful one-day and T20 run gave them the momentum to stay on the coattails of the chasing pack.

The performance of a number of individuals has also helped.

In the bowling department Fawad Ahmed has been an important cog in the wheel.

But the seamers have also come to the party. Mark Stafford and Greg Kennedy were in white hot form against the Tigers, their captain is hoping they continue to fire.

“What has helped us this season is everyone is standing up and making contributions,” he added.

“It certainly helps when everything is getting shared around. I’ll be looking at the Vic fixtures to see what games Fawad can play.

“He had a good weekend so he’ll definitely miss Saturday, but hopefully he’ll be back the week after.”

It could be a successful season for Uni with the seconds, thirds and fourths all in a chance of making finals too.

Victorian Premier Cricket
Ladder after R17 and the last two games:

              Pts (Aver)    R18        R19
Melbourne      73 (1.745)   Pra (A)    F-P (H)
Prahran        70 (1.340)   Mel (H)    HMU (A)
Ringwood       59 (1.258)   C-M (H)    StK (A)
St Kilda       57 (1.415)   Gee (A)    Rin (H)
Richmond       51 (1.710)   F-E (H)    Dan (A)
Carlton        49 (1.093)   F-P (A)    NM (H)
Frank Pen      48 (1.014)   Car (H)    Mel (A)
Dandenong      47 (1.304)   F-D (A)    Ric (H)
Melb Uni       47 (1.059)   CSM (A)    Ess (H)
Fitzroy Donc   44 (1.113)   Dan (H)    C-M (A)
Casey-SM       41 (0.822)   Uni (H)    F-E (A)
Geelong        35.4 (0.881) StK (H)    Nct (A)
Camb Mag       33 (0.800)   Rin (A)    F-D (H)
Foot Edge      27 (0.930)   Ric (A)    CSM (H)
North Melb     26 (0.706)   Nct (H)    Car (A)
Haw-Mon Uni    12 (0.632)   Ess (A)    Pra (H)
Essendon       12 (0.623)   HMU (H)    Uni (A)
Northcote       9 (0.533)   NM (A)     Gee (H)

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